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Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear Risk Mitigation

Thailand leads national Simulation Exercise (SimEx) that validates country’s capacity to respond to cross-border disease events

Success Story, Southeast Asia Regional Secretariat

Thailand strengthens capacity to respond to cross-border disease events
© CDC (@cdc) under CC Unsplash License.

Description and contribution of the EU CBRN CoE

On 16-18 November 2022, with the support EU CBRN CoE Project 81*, national authorities in Thailand led a national SimEx to raise awareness about biosecurity considerations in the event of an infectious disease outbreak originating in a neighbouring country. 

Results and impact

Bringing together 80 participants from human health and animal health communities, alongside Project 81 experts, the exercise not only validated Thailand’s arrangements to effectively respond to cross-border disease events, but also demonstrated the Thai SimEx Team’s confidence to design and deliver future exercises of this kind.

Key lessons learned

This achievement demonstrated how cooperation and mentoring through EU CBRN CoE Projects, in this case involving the gradual hand-over of responsibility from the Project 81 Team to the Thai SimEx Team that led the exercise, can help Partner Countries to develop essential tools to deliver independent and sustainable capacity building.


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* Project 081: BIOSEC - Enhanced Biosecurity in South-East Asia.