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Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear Risk Mitigation
26 May 2020BrusselsJoint Research Centre

Webinars of the EU CBRN CoE Regions on the COVID-19 crisis

In the current situation where COVID-19 is rapidly spreading worldwide and the number of cases is rising with increasing pace, there is a need for immediate targeted actions.

CBRN CoE webinar background

The EU CBRN CoE is actively responding to this emergency and the outputs of the 25 CoE finded project focusing on bio risk mitigation have proved their efficiency/utility.

The EU CBRN CoE Regions, supported by local authorities, National Focal Points, On-site Assitance (OSA) experts, projects implementers and European Union staff present in EU Delegations, have been organising several webinars to share data and common awareness about COVID-19 pandemics, and to increase the support within the whole network.

The most recently, South East Asia (SEA) and South East and Eastern Europe (SEEE) held on 26 and respectively 27 May two virtual meetings gathering participants from the regional teams, field experts, implementers and EU institutional representatives, to discuss the actions to be taken, the measures that need to be improved, and the next steps forward. The valuable contributions of Partner Countries are definitely helping to improve the mutual preparedness and response to the COVID-19 crisis, and to intensify the efforts to recover from this pandemics.

Another important CoE Initiative, the multiregional projects like MediPIET, has been organising a series of webinars “MediPIET@Home” which help strengthen law enforcement and medical staff knowledge and competences on responding to pandemics.

The webinars events will continue during the next weeks, involving more and more participants.


Publication date
26 May 2020
Joint Research Centre