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Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear Risk Mitigation

Lebanon: The CBRN Commission of Lebanon as the highest national level CBRN advisory board

Success Story, Middle East Regional Secretariat

Lebanon Success Story
© Rareș Gheorghiu, for European Union

Description and contribution of the EU CBRN CoE

The National Team (NT) of Lebanon was established as the official CBRN Commission under the Prime Minister. The EU CRBN CoE contributed to this success as the Commission evolved from the NT, founded in the framework of the Initiative. Various projects in the MIE Region were supported by the NT and vice versa, the NT profited from the results of each project.

Results and impact

After the explosion at the port of Beirut in August 2020, the CBRN Commission under the leadership of Dr. Bilal Nsouli was the major hub and coordinating institutions which included not only CBRN related issues, but also other response measures. The high acceptance of the CBRN Commission among all stake holders is reflected in the ARZ 2021 CBRN field exercise.

Key lessons learned

  • A very active National Focal Point with a responsible relevant position related to CBRN, established at the governmental level.
  • The endorsement of the CBRN Team at the level of the prime minister
  • Sufficient visibility and an extensive national and international network involving all relevant national and international stake holders.


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