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Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear Risk Mitigation

Niger: The strategic partnership of Niger with neighbor countries

Success Story, North Africa and Sahel Regional Secretariat

Niger Success Story
© Alexas Fotos under CC Pixabay License

Description and contribution of the EU CBRN CoE

In 2023, the EU CBRN CoE has organised several activities in Niamey, Niger, with the support of Niger’s National Focal Point (NFP): in March, a national meeting to which were invited the NFPs of Mali and Burkina Faso; in May, a technical meeting gathering national experts of Niger, Mali and Burkina Faso; next July, a final regional exercise “AVSEC” is foreseen in Niamey.

Results and impact

During the March 2023 national meeting with Mali and Burkina Faso NFPs, the possibility to develop a regional action plan was developed.

The May 2023 technical meeting allowed to reinforce jointly the capacities of 30 experts of Burkina Faso, Mali and Niger through the CoE Project 55*.

The July 2023 regional exercise “AVSEC” will involve all NFPs of the North Arica and Sahel region.

Key lessons learned

The occurrence of three different kind of meetings in Niger in the presence of Mali and Burkina Faso representatives, as well as all NFPs of the North Africa and Sahel region, allowed a strong reinforcement of cooperation, collaboration, and communication- which constitute the core pillars of an efficient CBRN risks mitigation strategy.


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*PROJECT 55: “FRONSEC”, Strengthening cross-border capacity for control and detection of CBRN substances