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Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear Risk Mitigation
News article18 December 2020BrusselsJoint Research Centre1 min read

How the Centres of Excellence are combating biological and chemical threats globally: the brochure

bio chem brochure cover
Joint Research Centre
18 DECEMBER 2020
CBRN CoE bio chem brochure

The new EU CBRN CoE brochure, dedicated to the biological and chemical threats, has been recently released in the European Union's official publications portal.

The publication focuses on the projects that contributed to strengthen the preparedness against biological and health risks, by enhancing, for example, the activities of laboratories and public health structures.
Especially this year, the projects with activities on biological threats were given particular attention as they were contributing to the global effort in combating the COVID-19 pandemic.

Other good examples of contra-acting measures for chemical threats are represented by the projects dedicated to chemical waste management, where experts and trainers went to the field, studied the different scenarios and set up the action plans to mitigate the consequences of waste contamination, involving the local authorities.


Publication date
18 December 2020
Joint Research Centre
CBRN areas
  • Bio-safety/bio-security
CBRN categories
  • Chemical
  • Biological
CoE Region
  • AAF - African Atlantic Façade
  • CA - Central Asia
  • ECA - Eastern and Central Africa
  • GCC - Gulf Cooperation Council Countries
  • MIE - Middle East
  • NAS - North Africa and Sahel
  • SEA - Southeast Asia
  • SEEE - South East and Eastern Europe