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News article15 December 2020TbilisiJoint Research Centre

The Regional SEEE leaflet about COVID-19 activities has been published

SEEE COVID-19 leaflet cover
Joint Research Centre

The Regional Secretariat for South East and Eastern Europe (SEEE), within the framework of the EU CBRN CoE Initiative, issued their regional newsletter aimed to provide an overview of wide spectrum of measures undertaken against the COVID-19 pandemic. 

These measures include description of results of recently completed projects on biosecurity and biosafety in Partner Countries of the SEEE region, ongoing activities and projects, and future initiatives in this area.

This newsletter also highlights the beauty of the EU’s CBRN CoE Initiative, which resides in the so called “bottom-up” methodology based on voluntary approach, which advocates for tailored method in identifying country needs with priorities and turning them into reality, whereby initiative comes from the beneficiary partner countries.

Despite of the global lockdown and travel restrictions imposed in this region, the Regional Secretariat continued to provide its services to the SEEE region in order to meet their expectations. Needs and support requirements survey allowed to identify priorities of our Partner Countries at this stage and find complementary solutions in supporting them.

Six online webinars were organised by the Regional Secretariat in the region to address areas prioritized by national experts. Three virtual meetings and invitations to other workshops and online webinars organized by other partner organizations and project consortia.

Numerous information guidance and online training modules were disseminated to the National Focal Points with request to send them further to their respective CBRN National Team members and experts. Upon production of the newsletter the SEEE Regional Secretariat received a valuable input from different project consortia members, partner organizations, National Focal Points from ten Partner Countries, national and key experts of the EU CBRN CoE Initiative.

15 DECEMBER 2020
South East and Eastern Europe booklet
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Publication date
15 December 2020
Joint Research Centre
CoE Region
SEEE - South East and Eastern Europe