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Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear Risk Mitigation

Project 060*: Support to the Centre of Excellence of Eastern and Central Africa in Nuclear Security


The countries of the ECA region face radiological and nuclear risks arising from uranium mining, milling, processing and transportation as well as from the state of management of radioactive sources. Past experiences (e.g. in Central Asia) show that sustainable uranium mining requires the application of best international practices and standards to avoid negative environmental impact and expensive remediation. Exporting uranium ore concentrate through several countries requires also harmonized legal frameworks and their synchronized implementation at border crossings to prevent illicit trafficking of radioactive materials. Project 60 seeks synergies with a parallel EU-funded project under the Instrument for Nuclear Safety Cooperation (INSC) - MC 5.01/15B “Support for Southern African Countries in Nuclear Safety and Safeguards”.


The overall long-term objective of the project is to strengthen and harmonize the nuclear regulatory frameworks in the participating countries, to enhance their nuclear safety and security and to support their efforts to fulfill the international safeguards obligations they have undertaken under the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty; safeguards agreements with the IAEA; the Convention on the Physical Protection of Nuclear Material; the UN Security Council Resolution 1540; as well as the African Nuclear-Weapon-Free Zone Treaty. As part of the development policies in the ECA countries, radioactive sources are ever more widely used in medical institutions and in industry. The licensing, handling and control of these sources, especially at the end of their economic lifetime, occasionally results in leftover orphan sources. At the same time a more efficient regulatory oversight of licensed radiation sources acquires greater importance, as do the regular inspections on compliance.

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European Commission


This project is part of a pre-existing EU activity in the regions and has not resulted from the submission of a CoE project proposal. Due to the different origin of the project, not all countries involved are CoE partner countries.

** This designation is without prejudice to positions on status, and is in line with UNSCR 1244/1999 and the ICJ Opinion on the Kosovo declaration of independence.

*** This designation shall not be construed as recognition of a State of Palestine and is without prejudice to the individual positions of the Member States on this issue.