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Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear Risk Mitigation

Project 068 (IfS): Support to training for the CBRN Centres of Excellence (CoE) partner countries


Since its launch in 2010, the CBRN CoE has been pursuing a twofold objective: strengthening Partner Countries capabilities in the field of CBRN Risk mitigation, while fostering cooperation on a regional and inter-regional level. Driven by its bottom-up approach, which allow Partners to identify their gaps, jointly discuss priorities and advance project proposals in order to receive EU funding, the Initiative has quickly established itself as a successful model of EU external action. The Initiative is now mature and ready to address challenges linked to the ever-evolving global security environment. In this context, the importance of States' preparedness and ability to prevent, manage and respond to events involving CBRN agents (being their origin natural, accidental or criminal) as well as to ensure the protection of its citizens is paramount.  

In this sense, several training modules in connection with the needs and priorities to train the trainers for holistic CBRN risk mitigation will be organised.

Overall objective

To further sustainability of the capacity building efforts.

Specific objectives

To provide the appropriate logistic support for the preparation and organization of 5 trainings that took place between 2018 and 2019 in Europe and Africa.


Providing logistical assistance tailored for the requirements of each events which was organised under the contract, such as purchasing travel tickets, booking and paying for hotel reservations, arranging visas as needed, etc.

CBRN areas
  • Legal framework
CBRN categories
  • Chemical
  • Biological
  • Radiological
  • Nuclear
CoE Region
  • AAF - African Atlantic Façade
  • CA - Central Asia
  • ECA - Eastern and Central Africa
  • GCC - Gulf Cooperation Council Countries
  • MIE - Middle East
  • NAS - North Africa and Sahel
  • SEA - Southeast Asia
  • SEEE - South East and Eastern Europe
9 APRIL 2024
Project 068 Factsheet



European Commission

European Union External Action Service

United Nations Interregional Crime and Justice Research Institute


LDK Consultants (LDK)

This project is part of a pre-existing EU activity in the regions and has not resulted from the submission of a CoE project proposal. Due to the different origin of the project, not all countries involved are CoE partner countries.

** This designation is without prejudice to positions on status, and is in line with UNSCR 1244/1999 and the ICJ Opinion on the Kosovo declaration of independence.

*** This designation shall not be construed as recognition of a State of Palestine and is without prejudice to the individual positions of the Member States on this issue.