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The European Security & Defence Union dedicates its latest issue to the EU CBRN CoE

The independent quarterly publication on European security and defence policy highlights the initiative’s “truly global network of cooperation” in combating CBRN risks and threats


Publication date
9 November 2022
Service for Foreign Policy Instruments | Joint Research Centre
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The independent magazine for European security and defence policy ‘The European Security & Defence Union’ dedicates its latest edition to the EU CBRN Centres of Excellence initiative. The quarterly publication spotlights the EU CBRN CoE as the initiative gains momentum and reflects current concerns in view of the geopolitical situation.

The EU CBRN CoE takes centre stage in this issue with news features about the EU’s unique approach to tackling CBRN threats through the initiative, the CoE network’s matured spirit of cooperation, or its human-centered approach for enhancing security and saving lives, among others.

“This initiative to combat CBRN risks and threats has evolved into a truly global network of cooperation, as experience and good practices are shared within and between different regions, and successful actions are adapted and replicated in different places.”

Hartmut Bühl, Editor-in-Chief, and Nannette Cazaubon, Deputy Editor-in-Chief, of The European Security & Defence Union


The European Security & Defence Union vol. no. 44


10 NOVEMBER 2022
The European Security & Defence Union vol. no. 44
(5.73 MB - PDF)