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Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear Risk Mitigation

EU P2P Newsletter: Issue N.12


ISSN 1831-9424
Publication date
12 December 2022
Service for Foreign Policy Instruments
Publications for CBRN-EUP2P
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This is the 12th Issue of the EU Partner-to-Partner (P2P) Newsletter aimed at keeping the export control community abreast of the developments under the main topical areas of the EU export control outreach programme: dual-use trade controls and arms trade controls including Arms Trade Treaty implementation.
We would like also to keep you informed about new EU initiatives and activities taking place within and outside the EU, changes in the export control legislation as well as the overall progress of the various EU P2P outreach projects. Newsletter 12 covers the period from April 2021 to April 2022.

Our EU P2P programmes are designed to support partner countries by providing necessary resources and expertise including support in the drafting of relevant export control legislation, provision of training for implementing agency officials, exchange of good practices or general awareness raising, case studies, and table top exercises with the aim to strengthen export controls worldwide.


Authors: PAUWELS Natalie, NAGAN Eran, FOLLADOR Davide, BABLON Maxime, MILLAN Macarena, ESPONA Maria, CHARATSIS Christos



12 DECEMBER 2022
EU P2P Newsletter: Issue N.12