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Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear Risk Mitigation

EU P2P Newsletter: Issue N.3


ISSN 1831-9424, JRC103173
Publication date
1 October 2016
Joint Research Centre
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Since the last EU P2P newsletter was published in May 2016, numerous activities were launched in the EU Foreign and Security Policy framework. A new EU Global Strategy was presented at the end of June including reflections on how to address the difficult security situation in various regions of the world. A new EU regulation to take into account the current security and economic landscape, whichincluded issues around what was termed ‘human security’, ‘smart security’, modernisation of controls, updating of the control lists, the licensing architecture and promotion of the harmonisation of export controls within Europe and in the private sector as the first line of defence, was released at the end of September.

Authors: VARDULAKIS George, VISKI Andrea, LEHOFER Wolfgang, CHARDON Stephane, CLIFF Caroline, SEVINI Filippo, TSUKANOVA Maryna

EU P2P Newsletter N.3 THMB


1 OCTOBER 2016
EU P2P Newsletter: Issue N.3