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Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear Risk Mitigation
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A Prosecutor's Guide to Chemical and Biological Crimes

The guidebook provides police, prosecutors and investigative agencies with guidance for the prosecution of incidents involving chemical or biological agents


Publication date
15 July 2022
Service for Foreign Policy Instruments | Joint Research Centre
CBRN areas
  • Bio-safety/bio-security
  • Denying support for misuse and terrorism
  • Illicit trafficking
  • Investigation and prosecution
  • Legal framework
  • Safety and security
CBRN categories
  • Chemical
  • Biological
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This Guide aims to provide police, prosecutors, and relevant investigative agencies with guidance to support the successful prosecution of incidents involving the deliberate acquisition, stockpiling, production, transfers, or use of chemical or biological agents.

Developed by UNICRI with EU CBRN CoE support, it is the first in a series of CBRN forensics guidebooks aimed to advance guidance on policies, recommendations and best practices to enforce and build up forensics capabilities in the domain.

Prosecutor's Guide to Chemical and Biological Crimes


15 JULY 2022
A Prosecutor's Guide to Chemical and Biological Crimes